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Beauty Hacks for Summer

Beauty Hacks for Summer

July 17, 2017

Balmy nights, sundresses, Pimms-fuelled barbeques and luxurious afternoons in the park – everything’s just a little easier in summer. Everything except our beauty routine, that is!

Never fear, Lifestyle Hunters. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of our favourite tips and tricks, designed to remedy any summer setbacks you may encounter. Let’s get beautifying!

Problem: Shiny, oily skin.

We've all been there: sweaty, shiny skin and that dreaded mid-day foundation melt. And although we may be daydreaming about sticking our face in a bucket of ice water, it’s not exactly the most practical option.

Solution: We’ve been known to stash a pack of oil-blotting sheets for emergencies on extra hot days, but to truly stop oil in its tracks, you need to start with a good primer. Designed to be worn over or under makeup, an effective primer minimises pores and controls oil production for a grease-free finish. Look for ones specifically designed for oily skin.

Problem: Dry, lifeless hair.

We love a beach day as much as the next person, and we’re not going to lie – it can feel like a bonus when you come away with some natural beachy highlights! But be careful: sun damage can dry out your hair, leaving it dull and damaged.

Solution: Avocado! Yep, you heard us right: your favourite stone fruit can double as an all-round hair superhero. It’s positively packed with proteins, amino acids and vitamins that can help strengthen our hair, stimulating healthy hair growth. Plus, it’s ultra-moisturising – soothing the scalp and leaving us with soft, luscious locks.

Problem: Painful sunburns!

You know the drill: slather on that sun cream and avoid the mid-day sun. But we’re only human, and sometimes we forget. And boy, do we pay the price for basking in those harmful UV rays. Is there anything worse than sitting in the office after skimping on the sun cream – looking and feeling like a boiled lobster? We think not.

Solution: Aloe Vera. This naturally moisturising plant is packed with beneficial properties said to help relieve burns, repair damaged skin and stimulate skin growth. Freeze little bits of aloe and apply to any burnt areas for quick, easy and natural pain relief – and remember to wear sun cream next time!

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