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Reflective Cycling Backpack Bag High Visibility Silver

  • Designed for cycling, running, walking and school, the ultra-hi-vis Reflexion backpack is ideal for athletes, students and professionals alike. Featherweight, highly reflective and surprisingly spacious, this streamlined backpack makes for a brilliant addition to your daily kit.
  • Whether you’re out and about on your bike, jogging at night or simply walking to school, the luminous Reflexion backpack ensures superior visibility. Its ultra-lightweight ergonomic construction makes carrying your gear a breeze, and a perfectly portable foldable design means you’re free to take it anywhere. 

    Featuring a spacious interior compartment, two external zipper pockets for daily essentials such as mobile phone and wallet, and two adjustable mesh water bottle panels for on-the-go hydration.
  • Highly reflective : water resistant hi-vis backpack, ideal for outdoors
    Foldable : can be folded into itself to create a perfectly portable travel pouch
    Ergonomic : featuring an ultra-sleek ergonomic design for a weightless feel
    Strong : durable and roomy, with a capacity of 15L and ample weight
    Extra storage : with two adjustable mesh panels designed to hold water bottles of any siz
  • Dimensions : 20 x 10 x 5cm
    Capacity : 15L
    Weight : 99g

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